Anouk Van Wassenhove, international delegate for Finland at Les Jeunes IHEDN

My favourite quote :

“I believe in my country’s youth, our country’s youth. I’ve been around young people everyday and I believe in them. They embody the future” (Général Pierre de VILLIERS, Servir, Fayard, 2019)

Presentation of the delegation :

Finland is a northern European country that seems out of line with French citizens’ interests. It also appears very calm because of the legend of Santa Claus being snugly ensconced in Lapland… Those are only biases. Through its chequered and sometimes macabre past, Finland is now a State with a reliable national Defence and it is very active in the construction of a European defence structure. It is also a fundamental ally of France and it acts as a major interface between NATO and Russia thanks to its geopolitic and geostrategic positioning. The Finnish presidency of the Council of the European Union that lasted from July to December 2019 achieved a lot in the area of European defence matters such as climate change, groundbreaking technologies, hybrid warfare and the Arctic. As the Minister of the Armies Florence Parly herself said during her visit to Helsinki in 2018 : « your safety is our safety ».

The Jeunes IHEDN delegation for Finland was launched in September 2019. It gathers approximately twenty students as well as young professionals during afterworks or pre-eminent events like « La Fabrique Défense ». Its goal is to spread the spirit of defence among expatriates while promoting French interests on an international scale.

What Les Jeunes IHEDN means to me :

Les Jeunes IHEDN represent for me a voluntary involvement while serving one’s country and its fellow countrymen in order to contribute, certainly modestly, to our armies’ success and to our Republic’s welfare.

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