Our organisation is committed to representing young people from all over France as a whole!

To that end, the organisation has attuned itself to the current administrative structure of French regions. This purpose of this framework is to spur devolution even more as far as our activities and our operations are concerned. It needs to ensure an appropriate representation before local authorities (prefects, rectors, elected representatives, departmental military delegations etc) and organise encounters with schools, universities, companies or other associations.

Regional Delegates are therefore anchor points and essential links of the organisation in every region. As part of their mandate, the regional delegates coordinate a network of young representatives –attaché(e)s and ambassadors- and they federate communities of members everywhere in France. These branches are gathering places for reflection, varied and innovative events.

→ The Regions division

When regional delegates and their attachés organise events (conferences, visits, workshops, etc.), they enjoy the support of Les Jeunes IHEDN‘s national team and particularly from the regions division, especially when it comes to communication and logistics in order to ensure the events’ success.

The Regions division is led by a member of the Steering Committee, who’s in charge of helping regional delegates succeed in their roles.

Missions of a Regional Delegate

  • Disseminate the Spirit of defence and participate in enhancing the organisation’s outreach everywhere in France ;
  • Schedule activities dealing with security and defence: conferences, workshops, meetings, visits, reflection process,  etc. ;
  • Develop and run a network of attachés and ambassadors in cities, schools and universities in the region in order to cover the entire country ;
  • Represent the organisation during meetings with public authorities, develop our network and secure partnerships.


→ Missions of the Regional Delegate’s Attaché(e)s

The Regional Delegate’s Attaché(e) fulfills the first two missions described above. He/She is responsible for a branch of the organisation in the region and works in close collaboration with the Regional Delegate. He/She leads the community of members and ensures the organisation of activities as well as events on a local scale.

→ Our regional delegations

→ Become a Regional Delegate’s Attaché(e) for Les Jeunes IHEDN

If you see a vacancy or feel ready to launch a new regional branch, send your CV along with a cover letter expressing your motication and abilities to promote the spirit of Les Jeunes IHEDN in France to:

How can you join Les Jeunes IHEDN as a member in your region?

Whatever your region might be, you just need to contact the regional delegate by mail in order to take part in the branch’s activities and be directed to members nearby !

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