India and Australia : An Emerging Partnership in the Indian Ocean ?

India and Australia : An Emerging Partnership in the Indian Ocean ?

Nous sommes honorés de vous annoncer la publication d’un article de Colin Geraghty, dans la revue Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, membre et moderateur des conferences de NextGen Foreign Policy Network (la délégation US de l’ANAJ-IHEDN), auditeur de la 70e session jeunes a Annecy. Il a co-redigé un article sur l’eventualite d’un partenariat indo-australien dans l’Ocean indien. N’hésitez pas à contacter l’auteur.

We are thrilled to announce the publication of an article in the Korean Journal of Defense Analysis by Colin Geraghty. Colin is a member of the NextGen Foreign Policy Network, the US branch of the ANAJ-IHEDN, and moderator of their events, and participated in the ANAJ’s 70th session. The article he co-wrote assesses the prospects of an Indo-Australian partnership in the Indian Ocean region. You can reach the author

The intensification of trade exchanges alongside the identification of major security threats has turned the Indian Ocean into one of the most important geographical spaces. The emergence of China has developed growing strategic disputes within the regional powers. Although they defend different objectives, India and Australia have been seeking ways to improve their presence and focusing on possible partnerships based on shared perceptions and common interests. The reality of a Canberra New Delhi axis remains limited considering the different visions the two protagonists have of it. On the Indian side, the exchanges with Australia are unbalanced due to the vision of the Indian Ocean as a strategic extension of the peninsula. On the Australian side, the subtle balance between strong economic and trade relations with Beijing and reaffirmed political and military relations with Washington justify a new “front” strategy in which India appears to be just one actor among others.

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Next Generation Foreign Policy Network
US Delegation Representative – ANAJ-IHEDN
73rd Youth Session – February 2012 – Paris

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