#OurFuture: 32 ambitions for the future

#OurFuture: 32 ambitions for the future

The major challenges of the future have always been the driving force behind the work carried out by Les Jeunes IHEDN in France, Europe and internationally. 

This unprecedented crisis has shaken our daily lives, made us lose our bearings and deeply shaken our certainties about the future. If Covid-19 has reshuffled the cards, it has not disengaged us nor diverted us from our primary vocation: federate young people and offer them a platform for reflection and action. 

This is why we launched the task force “Our Future”. First, to share together our perceptions about the crisis we are going through, the lessons we are learning from it and the concerns it generates. Second, to think the future by projecting ourselves into the next world. 

Throughout the lockdown, we mobilized our community and led virtual workshops around 8 topics of interest to the youth, in order to cross our reflections on the current period and express our expectations. 

It lead up to a collective and non-exhaustive work, sometimes idealistic, but full of hope and commitment: 32 ambitions for the future. 


We will never stop looking at… Our Future!



We wish you a good reading. 


Fadila Leturcq
Head of Strategy & the Task Force Team.

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