The first European youth think-tank on defence and security issues


Les Jeunes IHEDN is the first European and intergenerational youth think-tank addressing defence, security and commitment issues. It is placed under the patronage of the Minister of the Armed Forces and of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

The organisation gathers young auditors, professionals and students trained at the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN, the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence is a French public academic institution gathering research, expertise, education and awareness on defence, security matters and geopolitics in general) and opens itself to young people more generally.

The organisation serves as a platform for commitment and a pool for joint reflection. It offers various means to dedicate oneself to the major challenges our country will have to face in the future.

Citizenship, defence, national security, sovereignty or international relations are some of the many inspiring themes on which young people can make tangible and long-lasting proposals. This is achieved by raising awareness among the largest audience and this is where our mission lies: Commitment.

Since the beginning of 2020, our organisation has been officially recognised as being of public interest.

Drive commitment !

The organisation offers multiple opportunities to transform your ideas into a real commitment by building a bridge between the civil, diplomatic and military worlds. 

Develop knowledge

Every year, the association organises over one hundred conferences, workshops and visits on general or technical, but always newsworthy topics.

Promote an innovative expertise

Articles, special magazines, assessment studies, intelligence : every year, 80 publications are written by our members. 

Federate an institutional network

The network of Les Jeunes IHEDN is rich by its variety of profiles: students, scholars, researchers, young professionals, public servants, Army officers ou private-sector employees.


Les Jeunes de l’IHEDN are determined to make the voice of the youth heard on issues that concern us all. This is why we organise three events per week on average, in France and abroad.

Moments of significant exchanges and convivial times are organised all year long in Paris and by our delegations, in the French regions and abroad. Those enable our membres to get to know one another, develop their network and identify new ways to invest themselves.

Workshops, our gatherings organised in restricted committees, foster exchanges on convoluted or tricky matters. They offer the opportunity to dig deeper into certain questions or to raise participants’ awareness on specific themes. These events are only for members who paid their membership fees.

Les Jeunes IHEDN is a place of meeting and sharing on defence, security and commitment issues in the broadest sense. Our conferences discuss news-related or innovative topics thanks to nationally and internationally recognised speakers.

Members of the organisation have the possibility to participate in visits allowing them to meet defence and security stakeholders. They are the occasion to enter places that are rarely open to the public and to exchange freely with our hosts.

We wish to promote solidarity actions to benefit the defence community, especially to help army officers serving in field operations. Our objective is also to help raise awareness on often-taboo themes, such as wounded soldiers.

Any initiative can be considered as sound if it nurtures reflection within Les Jeunes IHEDN ! We therefore public analyses and articles in order to ponder on our current and future world’s complexity.

The ambition of Les Jeunes IHEDN only makes sense through its members’ involvement : they are always more numerous to make the organisation live and radiate on a daily basis. So don’t hesitate anymore, walk the talk, join us


Steering Committee

The Steering committee is the board that oversees Les Jeunes IHEDN organisation. They gather at least three times a year to reflect on the main annual guidelines. It is composed of 15 members who each have a specific function. The renewal of half its representatives takes place every year. Read more…

Study Groups

Les Jeunes IHEDN is composed of 14 study groups focusing on a theme or a region. Each group is managed by a member who guides the global actions, provides impetus and rallies its members around their common passion: he/she is the head of the study group. Read more…


Les Jeunes IHEDN are present within the territory thanks to regional branches. Their role is to bring together local young people who are interested in defence, security and commitment matters, and to boost their reflection. Read more…


The International Delegate acts as the ambassador for Les Jeunes IHEDN outside France. He/she is the key point of contact for Les Jeunes IHEDN abroad and  unifies them around conferences, afterworks, visits and many more activities in carrying out his/her mandate. Read plus…


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