Christophe K., international delegate for South Korea at Les Jeunes IHEDN

My favourite quote :

“A lucid mind is a safety cach”

Presentation of the delegation :

The degradation of Sino-American relations, the de facto nuclear capacities of North Korea and the exacerbation of tensions with Japan are the prevailing trends South Korea has to face. In this context, the creation of an enduring regional security architecture appears to be hypothetical in the short run. The challenges pertaining to the control of maritime spaces, demographic shift and climate change are also at the core of governmental policies.

The international delegation for South Korea intends to address national, regional and global challenges with an original and pertinent angle by organizing meetings between members, workshops, conferences, interviews, visits and publishing its analyses.

What Les Jeunes IHEDN means to me :

It’s the appropriate collaborative space to challenge points of view as it gathers volunteers coming from diverse academic, geographical and professional backgrounds closer.

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