The Army of the Future study group aims at developing and promoting a future-oriented thinking around the defence world following three key priorities:  tomorrow’s conflicts and the geopolitical evolution of the world, armed forces and their future configuration, along with new technologies and innovation in the defence sector.

The study group is resolutely farsighted and emerges from History as well as past experiences. It contributes to building tomorrow’s defence by raising awareness on big strategic issues looming ahead for the next twenty years. Because it is convinced that a humanistic and fair defence can also be asserted and effective, the study group acts as a catalyst for ideas and unassumingly endeavors to enlighten current and future decision-makers thanks to conferences, workshops, visits and any other activities.

The group thrives on its members’ diversity. May your profile be rather geared towards technical, literary, law, economic, management interests… or may you be simply fascinated by the future of defence, come exchange with us!

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Mathilde HERMAN

Head of the Army of the future study group 

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