The homeland security study group was launched in 2015 and now has over a hundred members. It gathers auditors who wish to reflect upon national security and introduce the way in which it is ensured. The group spearheads proposals: it frequently takes part in future-oriented works and aims at combining different perspectives on one of the essential tasks of public authorities.

Security forces – public, civil or sanitary-, prefect, mayor, intelligence service, prison administration, armies’ involvement in protecting the national territory… There are no better way to make the study group known than by using these numerous images where all these actors simultaneously operate, by risking their lives. Ever since its creation, the study group has built a strong dynamic around its members who enliven it with passion. If you wish to join us, get involved in these topics or simply react by asking us questions, you just need to write to the address below:




Head of the Homeland security study group


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