How do French companies, institutions -whatever their size or line of business might be- defend their interests within a globalised economy undergoing a rapid shift? What strategies should they adopt in order to be more offensive? What is our companies’ current level of maturity as far as business intelligence is concerned (a term officialised by the Martre report in 1994)? How do they assess traditional and emerging risks? How can they anticipate system crises to which they can be exposed? How do they conduct business despite regulatory inflation and the rise of risk aversion?

Alstom buyout by General Electric, pressures from the U.S. administration on companies that want to trade with Iran, the In Amenas hostage-taking in Algeria… these are a few clear examples proving national economies are major sovereignty, reputation and security stakes. Do you wish to be a part of this (non-exhaustive) list of issues with a group of passionate and willing young people? Our objective: analyse the way companies and institutions are organised in order to anticipate risks and crises they face in the context of their national and international activities.

The Risks & Business Intelligence study group is multidisciplinary and cross-structural. It intends to foster exchanges while stimulating future-oriented thinking thanks to article-writing, workshops-organising, conferences, visits and other disruptive events.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in those fields, fascinated by it, interested or simply intrigued by these issues, don’t hesitate to join us → https://forms.gle/tAuYPvaBNVniSFdJ9



Head of the Risks & Business Intelligence study group


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