Task Force Report Radicalisation[s] is online

Task Force Report Radicalisation[s] is online

62 Proposals against the Radicalisation(s)

For too many years, extremism has divided our nation and increased our insecurity. As the November 2015 Paris attacks, of which we have just observed the sad anniversary, have shown us, young people are the main victims of these extremisms. They are also their main tools. We felt that it was important to speak out on this subject, a marker of our generation. This is why We launched the Radicalisation(s) task force of the Jeunes IHEDN.

Far from wanting to replace the work carried out by the academic sphere or to position ourselves as legal drafters, we wanted, through our own methodology, to understand the phenomenon and then to analyse it. Our objective is to offer a youthful perspective in order to encourage long-term policies aimed at tackling the processes of radicalisation. In order to do so, we have identified three fields where youth radicalisation takes place: the school and sports environments, the prison environment and the digital space.

After more than 65 interviews of experts and personalities in the field, several visits and meetings and a few ideation workshops, we arrived at several convictions. First of all, it is the role of the public authorities to occupy all these spaces so as not to leave gaps open to radical ideologies, whether political, religious or linked to societal phenomenon. Secondly, it is essential to adopt a local approach to prevent and combat radicalisation. Finally, everyone must be made responsible for combating radicalisation: it is therefore essential to create the conditions for all types of actors to work towards this fight (sovereign services, socio-educational actors, private companies, NGOs, etc.), with the best possible coordination.

When extreme ideologies come to replace the French republican social contract, filling the demand for vision and the search for meaning of young people, it is essential that the state can regain legitimacy. For the latter, it is advisable to reinvest all the spaces where young people evolve in order to instill our republican values by relying on allies as well as on relays close to this generation.

This will take time. A time that will not be that of politics or social networks, but of collective determination. With our 62 Recommendations, a drop in the ocean of wills, we propose to set a course towards our common objective: to fight against Radicalisation(s).



Head of TF Radicalisation(s).
Member of the steering committee of the Jeunes IHEDN


Head of TF Radicalisation(s).
Project manager for the Steering Committee

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